Monday, November 22, 2010

UCONN at Georgia Tech

The #1 team in the country arrived in Atlanta on Saturday and checked into their hotel rooms before shoot around. Atlanta was waiting on the return on native Maya Moore and tension was running high. Georgia Tech Head Coach MaChelle Joseph was frantically looking for ways to shut down this team and come out with the upset. Sunday arrived and it was show time.

A record crown in Alexander Memorial found their seats and the team comes out for pregame practice and there she come...Maya Moore stepped out and the crown erupted in applause. The hometown girl made her presence in AMC and everyone knew she was there. The sea on navy was ready for the game.

Tip-off - Georgia Tech drives down and Sasha Goodlett puts up a shot and fouled. Georgia Tech goes up 3-0 and then Georgia Tech drives and goes up 5-3 and then it was all UCONN from there. Georgia Tech trailed and never could go on a run and retake the lead and UCONN wins 71-51. Yes, it was the #1 team in the country but a loss can never be justified for me.

You would have thought you were in Connecticut as many fans as UCONN had. We knew they would come out, but it is still was humiliating to not get that for the home team. Georgia Tech needs to step up, get organized, and get the crowds on their side. I have seen some disappointing things since helping and I am ready to help change the negatives and create some positives. We are about to capitalize on these opportunities.

From a Dark and Warmer Atlanta!

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