Monday, January 03, 2011

Can you Say Blow Out???

Tuesday December 28, 2010:
Georgia Tech hosted Susie Gardner's Mercer Bears and a show it was. We had some special guest in attendance who got to see GTWBB score 101 pts (the most in regulation under Coach Joseph).

Thursday December 30, 2010:
Not even a fun game. This had to be the most pathetic game I have ever watched in my entire life. Tennessee State was embarrassed at GT. First half, Tennessee State did not even score a field goal. Their three points (yes, I said three points) came from free throws. Half-time score 49-3. Second half did not look too much better and final score (as painful as it was) 82-11. This Tennessee State team averages 58 pts per game....Well, not today.

Sunday January 2, 2011:
I was only hoping for a closer game against Jacksonville State than that against Tennessee State. Closing out the first half, Jacksonville State went on a 16-4 run after being down 28-8. Second half, GT came out and JSU did not...Final score 81-52.

Conference Play:
Conference play begins this Thursday against North Carolina. I am hoping we used the last three games to our advantage to be ready for Thursday, but I don't know how much we gained in those blow-0ut games. We cannot come out flat and we have to be ready. Come out and enjoy the show-down and hopefully a great hard fought game.

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