Wednesday, January 05, 2011

ACC Showdown

ACC play is about to get underway and I will be there to witness North Carolina at Georgia Tech Thursday at 7:00 in Atlanta. North Carolina comes into Atlanta 14-0 and currently tied at #1 with Duke both 14-0 and Georgia Tech current #7 in ACC Standings. Georgia Tech was predicted to finish #5 in ACC so they need to get started with a win agianst North Carolina tomorrow night. Will this be the first test for #8 North Carolina or will they leave undefeated? I think this match-up will be an interesting match-up to see. So far, the ACC has not played out to my predictions and Miami has surprised me thus far.

I will travel to Chapel Hill on January 20 to see the contest between Wake Forest and North Carolina and on January 21 watch Georgia Tech at Duke. In the month of January, Georgia Tech needs to make a statement if they want the respect they deserve and then finish strong in February and March - - Folks - this game is about to get interesting. Make sure you do not miss a single game!

From a cloudy and not sure what it's going to do Atlanta!

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