Sunday, November 14, 2010

Georgia Tech falls to Old Dominon

Today we were faced with our first road game challenge and what a disappointment it was. We should never under estimate Wendy Larry and her team, but with our incoming freshemen and our expierence on the floor, I somewhat figured we could win - - NOT-SO-MUCH! Georgia Tech lost 65-63 but I think this can bring some positives - What, you say???? I can guarantee you they are all on the plane back to Atlanta wondering what just hit them but come tomorrow - - FIRE in EYES! Losing this early in the season could bring some major determination for the staff and team that could benefit us for who we are about to face. Not wanting to lose two or three games this early (and I mean EARLY) in the season, they will be fighting to win out and hoping, at a minimum, to go into 2011 with just two losses - We do not need to let this keep us down and start over tomorrow on where we need to build and fight forward. This loss may have just won a big game - - or two or three! That's all I am going to say!!!

Good Evening from a cool and darkening Atlanta!


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